In keeping with our commitment to open communication and honest advice that goes beyond stocks and bonds, the confidentiality of our clients is a top priority.  We understand that engaging in the discovery process with us involves sensitive, deeply personal information, and we have an unwavering commitment to your privacy.


Step 1 – Introductions

In our initial meeting, we get to know you, and you get to know us.  We review our process, answer any questions you have, and we determine if working together is likely to be a good fit for you and the Courser Capital Management, LLC Team.


Step 2 - Discovery

To provide you with the most comprehensive advice possible, we seek to understand you both financially and as a unique person or family.  Our Discovery meeting involves gathering information about you, your plans, resources, and the unique dynamics that influence your life and aspirations.


Step 3 – The Confluence

The Confluence stage of the engagement process is where your circumstances and goals intersect with our analysis and advice.  We combine sophisticated forecasting and planning methods with carefully designed investment strategies to chart a course for your financial well-being.


Step 4 – The Journey

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop after investing your capital.  We provide ongoing advice to you on a regular basis by reviewing your plan and portfolio, and we’re also available as needed in-between our scheduled meetings.  We know there are two certainties in working with you: 1) things in your life will change; and, 2) the world around us will change.  Ensuring your resources are synchronized with your needs and the conditions we face is a journey we’re on together.